Sextant for Blockchain, Daml, TFS

Navigate complex infrastructure deployment and management with ease 


Bring the benefits of distributed ledgers, smart contracts and information security to business

Sextant for Blockchain

Sextant for Blockchain automates the deployment and management of enterprise blockchain infrastructure, and currently supports the open-source Hyperledger Besu and Hyperledger Sawtooth distributed ledgers.


Sextant for Daml

Sextant for Daml allows organizations to take advantage of the open-source smart contract language Daml, created by our partner Digital Asset and specifically designed for multiparty business processes, and delivers Daml for various distributed ledgers, as well as centralized alternatives.


Sextant for TFS

Developed in partnership with US cybersecurity startup Taekion, Sextant for TFS simplifies the deployment and management of the Taekion File System as well as the underlying distributed ledger, and ultimately provides organizations with military-grade protection for business-critical information.


Sextant for Enterprise

An all-encompassing offering that provides businesses with distributed ledger, smart contract, and information security infrastructure.


BTP in the DLT Landscape-1
Now, Sextant for DAML makes it easier to deploy a distributed application in production by removing operational complexity. Working with BTP, we’re enhancing the developer’s experience and enabling them to get an application to market faster and stay there longer.
Yuval Rooz, Co-founder & CEO of Digital Asset
Yuval Rooz
Co-founder & CEO, Digital Asset

Deploy and manage distributed ledger, smart contract and information security infrastructure effortlessly