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Paris, France

Fintech firm LiquidShare’s leading-edge post-trade offering targeted at both traditional and digital assets is underpinned by Sextant. LiquidShare seeks to arm the post-trade ecosystem participants with tools — leveraging distributed ledgers and smart contracts — to make transactions more efficient and trustworthy.

Product: Sextant: Smart Contracts

Technology: Daml, Hyperledger Besu


Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE)

Tel Aviv, Israel 

Israel's only public stock exchange, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), is leveraging Sextant to underpin its Blockchain Securities Lending Platform in the Israeli market, to drive liquidity and contribute to a more efficient capital market.

Product: Sextant: Distributed Ledgers

Technology: Hyperledger Sawtooth

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) logo

The Demex Group

Washington DC, USA

The Demex Group - a leading insurance technology company - makes extensive use of Sextant to underpin its Demex Solution Center, an innovative risk management platform that helps organizations weather climate change by building climate resilience into their business models. Check out our webinar on how Demex is delivering climate resilience.

Product: Sextant: Smart Contracts

Technology: Daml, Hyperledger Sawtooth

The Demex Group logo

TYDEi Health

Hartford, Connecticut, USA

US-based healthtech startup TYDEi Health uses Sextant to underpin the delivery of its innovative SaaS offering that helps healthcare facilities better manage supplier relationships and medical device procurement.

Product: Sextant: Smart Contracts

Technology: Daml

TYDEi logo-1


Paris, France

Liquidshare is a Paris-based fintech venture backed by institutional investors including Société Génerale and BNP Paribas, which provides a European post-trade settlement infrastructure for shares in small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) to improve SME access to capital markets. 

Liquidshare leverages Sextant | Blockchain to provide Hyperledger Besu as their underlying blockchain infrastructure. Blockchain dramatically simplifies the chain of post-trade operations, guaranteeing and facilitating the consolidation of securities registers, ultimately reducing transaction costs.

Product: Sextant | DAML

Technology: DAML for Hyperledger Besu 

One-pager summary: [Link]

We partnered with BTP, because the company supports the smart-contract language Daml on Hyperledger Besu, our ledger of choice. BTP's Sextant has accelerated our time to market by allowing us to focus on customer needs.
Jean-Marc Eyssautier
CEO, LiquidShare
We selected Sextant to allow us to fully realize the benefits of smart contracts, and provide us with a stable platform to build upon, accelerating our development process and reducing our time to market.
Ed Byrns, President & CEO, The Demex Group
Ed Byrns
President & CEO, The Demex Group
We chose Sextant because of BTP’s ability to provide an industry-grade management platform for our smart contract application. The Sextant platform offers all things that are crucial for our organization to successfully deliver a service solution in healthcare.
john hatchell
John Hatchell
CEO & Co-founder, TYDEi Health

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