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At the Blockchain Research Institute, we are pleased to work with organizations like Blockchain Technology Partners who are focused on simplifying enterprise adoption of blockchain technology.
Don Tapscott, Co-founder & Executive Chairman, Blockchain Research Institute
Don Tapscott
Co-founder & Executive Chairman, Blockchain Research Institute
We selected BTP’s blockchain and smart contract management platform, Sextant, to automate the deployment and management of both TFS and its underlying permissioned blockchain network.
David Cohen, Founder & CEO, Taekion
David Cohen
Founder & CEO, Taekion
Working with BTP, we’re enhancing the developer’s experience and enabling them to get an application to market faster and stay there longer.
Yuval Rooz, Co-founder & CEO, Digital Asset
Yuval Rooz
Co-founder & CEO, Digital Asset
The Global Blockchain Business Council is proud to support our member BTP as its team innovates with its partner, Taekion, utilising blockchain technology to solve some critical cybersecurity issues.
Sandra Ro P
Sandra Ro
CEO, Global Blockchain Business Council

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