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Navigate blockchain management with ease using Sextant

Sextant delivers one-click deployment of enterprise-grade blockchain networks.

Sextant handles the on-going management and maintenance of blockchain networks using closed loop automation.

Sextant uses a distribution built from best-in-class open source components to ensure interoperability and auditability.

Sextant is available in two editions.

Get Sextant on the AWS Marketplace

BTP offers both editions of Sextant on the AWS Marketplace.

This is a great way to experiment with Sextant on a PAYG basis with best efforts support from BTP and, in the case of Sextant for DAML, our partner Digital Asset.

However BTP recommends switching to an enterprise subscription backed by enterprise-grade SLAs for production use cases.

BTP also works with its partners to deliver blockchain-based products and solutions that are enabled using Sextant. Find out more »