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Build smart contracts intuitively and flexibly using Daml

Daml is an open-source smart-contract programming language, purpose-built for coding complex multi-party business processes, and designed to work with different distributed ledgers, as well as centralized alternatives. 



Launch smart contracts with minimal effort

Sextant fast-tracks time to value by allowing you to focus on the business logic while navigating the deployment and management of the underlying infrastructure with ease. Sextant supports a variety of distributed ledgers and centralized alternatives, including Hyperledger Besu, Hyperledger Sawtooth, as well as Amazon QLDB, Amazon Aurora and PostgreSQL.



Sextant: Smart Contracts

Sextant simplifies the deployment and management of the Daml runtime environment on distributed ledgers as well as centralized alternatives.



Decisions, decisions...

We have created a simple decision tree to help you select a suitable technology to underpin your multiparty business process or application.

For further information check out our guest blog post on the Daml website Identifying the Right Technology for Your Multiparty Business Processes.

decision tree

Take advantage of smart contracts to save cost and time, and mitigate business risks


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