Blockchain-Backed Provenance for Business

Sextant supports Chronicle, our blockchain-backed provenance solution

Tamper-proof provenance data

Built on the the W3C’s open-source PROV Ontology (PROV-O) specification, Chronicle records provenance information of any physical or digital asset — immutably — on a blockchain or distributed ledger. 


Deploy and manage Chronicle easily and flexibly

Sextant facilitates the deployment and ongoing management of Chronicle, and provides flexible deployment options  - including multi-cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments -  leveraging the industry-leading container orchestration tool, Kubernetes. Chronicle is available with Hyperledger Sawtooth as its default backing ledger, with support for other industry-leading distributed ledgers in the pipeline.

Sextant - provenance

Sextant: Provenance

Chronicle is a blockchain-backed provenance solution powered by our management and operations platform, Sextant. Chronicle can be easily integrated with existing enterprise systems. While it is domain-agnostic, Chronicle can be configured using a domain-specific plugin. 

BTP + Chronicle

Deploy and manage distributed ledger, smart contract, information security, and provenance infrastructure effortlessly