Military-grade information security for business

Find out how Sextant for TFS can take good care of your business-critical information



A NIST-compliant file system built on blockchain

The Taekion File System (TFS) is a journaling file system backed by blockchain technology and purpose-built for business-critical information that needs preservation. Taekion developed TFS in alignment with NIST's Cybersecurity Framework. With TFS, you can securely store entire files on the blockchain alongside their history. TFS seamlessly integrates with familiar file systems, and you don’t need any training or special expertise to start using it.


Get your blockchain-based file system up and running with ease

Sextant automates the deployment and management of both TFS and the underlying blockchain network. Sextant for TFS leverages BTP Paralos, an open-source enterprise-grade distribution of Hyperledger Sawtooth, and can be deployed with minimal effort. We provide multi-cloud, on-premises and hybrid deployment options, using industry-standard cloud-orchestration tool Kubernetes.  


Built by BTP in partnership with Taekion

Sextant for TFS was built by BTP in partnership with a US-based cybersecurity startup Taekion. Taekion created TFS supported by grants from the US Department of Energy and the US National Science Foundation.


Deploy and manage distributed ledger, smart contract and information security infrastructure effortlessly